Maja Vujinovic, Founder & CEO of OGroup

Maja Vujinovic, Founder & CEO of OGroup

Maja Vujinovic, well known in her career for introducing blockchain to General Electric while she was an executive there, has established herself globally as a thought leader in the blockchain and crypto-currency space. She speaks internationally about this emerging technology, female empowerment and also about her intriguing past as a refugee and a survivor of a land mine blast as a child. Aside from being admirably successful in everything she does, Maja is also just an incredibly magnetic human being, with an international background that gives her such a wide open perspective on the world.

She was recently one of our panelists at Conversations with Conscious Enterprises LIVE at 1 Hotel where she introduced her newest venture called ShEOS.

In this conversation, we discuss what it’s like to speak in front of thousands of people at Abundance 360 (for one of my business idols, Peter Diamandis), how having an incredibly international background has shaped Maja, how startups can grow by using blockchain, trends in business and her thoughts on how to disrupt the corporate pillars of our society.


  • Founder & CEO of OGroup

  • Former Chief Innovation Officer at General Electric

  • Introduced Blockchain to General Electric

  • Has lived in 14 countries

  • Started her career in telecom

  • Child refugee and land mine survivor

  • Speaks internationally about Blockchain & Token Economics & Emerging Markets

  • Board Member of CoinDesk


Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • Abundance 360 and Maja’s experience presenting at this esteemed conference for Peter Diamandis

  • How Maja has gotten used to speaking publicly

  • Maja’s biggest take-away from Abundance 360

  • A layman’s explanation of Blockchain

  • How Maja integrated Blockchain into her role at General Electric

  • Working with John Betts – Noble Markets

  • Resistance of change in large systems and large organizations

  • How startups can grow in enterprise using blockchain

  • Effectiveness of tapping into distribution markets, systems and customers

  • Cleaning up after human error

  • Helping start ups innovate – finding what are we solving for and where is the biggest friction in the system

  • OGroup’s services: investments , token economics, consulting enterprises in launching pilots

  • Working in Africa and Latin America

  • Finding her interest in blockchain and emerging markets while living in Africa

  • Maja’s international background from Yugoslavia and moving to the US as refugees

  • Challenges and enlightenments of having such an international life

  • How Maja’s wide and global perspective benefits her in business

  • The potential for Blockchain to serve a higher purpose for society

  • Blockchain decentralization

  • Maja’s outlook on why intentionality is still and always paramount to any technology

  • Limited capabilities of exponential technologies

  • The merging of spirituality, science and technology

  • Notable observations and trends in business from Maja’s vantage point: Privacy, Targeted Pricing, Efficiencies, etc.

  • Maja’s thoughts on productive disruption of our corporate pillars of society

  • The importance of education for large institutions and giving people opportunities to grow with new business models

  • How Maja measures success

  • Maja’s wellness routine

  • The power of music, sound and speaking your truth

  • (ref: Alexander Tannous)

  • Valuable advice for other entrepreneurs


Maja Vujinovic started her career in mobile payments and infrastructure development (power plants, telecom, healthcare etc) in Sub Saharan Africa. She took interest in bitcoin in 2011 and was instrumental in development of Noble Bank in 2013. 
In her past role, as a Chief Innovation Officer of Emerging Tech at General Electric, Digital, she was directly responsible for spearheading full initiative around decentralization, token economics and blockchain framework, across various industries. As well, Maja was a catalyst for an electronic wallet for machines in GE’s brilliant factory project and innovation around utility of excess computational power and electricity produced by large assets such as airline engines, manufacturing plants etc. 
Maja currently runs OGroup. OGroup is an investment firm focused on token economics and blockchain for enterprise. She sits on the board of CoinDesk. 

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