Kimmy Scotti, Venture Capitalist & Wellness Entrepreneur

Kimmy Scotti, Venture Capitalist & Wellness Entrepreneur

Kimmy Scotti is so engaging and effervescent, I’m sure you’ll easily see how she has become such an accomplished business woman.

Aside from being a Partner at 8VC, her venture capitalist firm, she was one of the first investors in Sakara Life; and she is also a co-founder of a women’s health & wellness company with her sister called Monthly Gift. Kimmy co-founded a direct-to-consumer healthcare company that has helped millions of Americans afford their prescription medications, and she even started a fashion jewelry line that was sold in Bloomingdale’s when she was in college. 

In this conversation with Kimmy, you’ll learn what this venture capitalist looks for in the start-ups and the entrepreneurs that she invests in. We discuss Kimmy’s customizable feminine care business, the healthcare industry, being a woman in the male dominated finance industry, using meditation to enhance gut instinct, and Kimmy’s super unique mindfulness practice.

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  • Partner at 8VC

  • Investor in Sakara Life

  • Founder of Monthly Gift

  • Co-Founder of a direct-to-consumer healthcare company

  • Former Director of Business Development

  • Creator of Mimz New York (fashion jewelry line sold in Bloomingdale’s while in college)

  • Featured in Forbes

Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • Shoe swapping for good karma

  • Growing up with close siblings in New York

  • Childhood crafts and becoming a “maker”

  • Starting her first business at the age of 15 years old

  • Mims

  • How Kimmy’s businesses got to span so many different industries

  • Passion for healthcare

  • Sakara Life and how it made Kimmy an official investor

  • Monthly Gift – Kimmy and her sister’s feminine care subscription company

  • Tampons vs Pads

  • The necessity for customization of feminine care product bundles

  • Dear Kate acquisition

  • Monthly Gift’s commitment to giving back through Days for Girls

  • Balancing a business plan that incorporates charitable giving with an accessible price point for every woman

  • Finding the balance of reciprocity or charity in business

  • Kimmy’s reciprocal business strategy - making profit from solving a big problem

  • Qualities that Kimmy seeks in startups and entrepreneurs

  • Magnetism vs Metrics

  • Kimmy’s wellness regimen and her strict breakfast routine

  • Bari trampoline class - (now at Fithouse)

  • Our broken healthcare system

  • Businesses falling short on wellness programs

  • Practicing prophylactic medicine

  • Fixing healthcare by fixing prescriptions

  • Blink Health

  • What Kimmy sees many tech entrepreneurs focusing on that isn’t working

  • Making the cost of care accessible

  • Trends Kimmy sees in wellness, work-life balance, startup culture

  • Biggest challenges in business

  • Pitching male investors a tampon company

  • Being bi-coastal

  • What makes business leaders successful

  • How Kimmy perceives her own success

  • Meditation with Headspace

  • Active meditation with floral arrangements

  • Activities being mindless vs mindful

  • Converting to Judaism

  • Shabbat dinner being meditative

  • Strengthening your “gut instinct” through meditation

  • Imposter Syndrome as a woman in business

  • Flower arrangement meditation process

  • Applying mindfulness to the cut-throat venture capitalist world

  • Sh*t happens

  • Accepting a base of worst case scenarios

  • Having empathy for the founders Kimmy invests in

  • When mindfulness and empathy are a detriment to business

  • How to know where and when and who to trust

  • Animal instinct

  • How Kimmy sees the world 5 years from now and how she intends to contribute to it

  • Healthcare science and innovation

  • Valuable advice for entrepreneurs


Kimmy Scotti is a founding partner at 8VC where she focuses on consumer and healthcare investments. She oversees the fund's investments in companies such as Blink Health, uBiome, and MakeSpace. She also is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the women’s health and wellness company, Monthly Gift. 

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